Shakhsiyah Schools are governed by the Principles of Shakhsiyah Education, which have been developed through extensive research in order to generate a 21st century Islamic educational model that is true to the Qur’an and sunnah. We have a strong Islamic and ‘alternative’ ethos which means we don’t approach learning in the same way as other schools. Our priorities are different and therefore our practice is different. We have a holistic approach that has similarities with various ‘alternative’ models including un-schooling, home schooling, Human Scale Education, Steiner Schools and Montessori, amongst others. Above all, we aim to educate our children to be strong independent Muslims who recognize their interdependence on others and choose to serve Islam due to their own personal conviction. We engage in tarbiyah, ta’alim and taadib to develop Shakhsiyah Islamiyah. In accordance with the saying of Ali ibn Abi Talib, we educate our children for a time that is not our time (the future). As such we aim to prepare children for their future life in modern Britain and our global village, taking part in and serving their local and wider communities.

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