Information for Parents


Shakhsiyah School London:

Address: 1st Floor, 277 St Ann's Rd, London, N15 5RG

Phone: 02088028651


Shakhsiyah School Slough:

Address: Cippenham Lodge, Cippenham Ln, Slough SL1 5AN

Phone: 01753 518000



Full reports from our recent inspections can be accessed using the links below:   

Slough Reports


Slough RCI Report - June 2022

Slough Full Inspection - October 2017

Slough Emergency Inspection - December 2020


London Reports

London RCI Report - November 2022

London Full Inspection - June 2018

London Inspection - August 2020


We are very pleased with the work our staff have put in to give the children at Shakhsiyah Schools an amazing holistic tarbiyah. The children are a proof of the amazing work being done. If you would like to know about the school's academic performance in the current or previous academic year, please contact the school office via phone or email. 


We strive to always work with parents for ongoing school improvement. We encourage parents to share any complaints or concerns with the school. Our School Complaints Procedure is available to view under the 'Policies' section of the website. If you would like to know about the number of formal complaints received by the school in the current or previous academic year, please contact the school office via phone or email. 

Supporting your child at home 

Please find below weekly expectations of engagement and support required from parents in line with the school’s parent-partnership agreement. 

1. Parent Communication:

2. Reading:

Children will be provided reading books on a weekly basis. Parents are expected to spend 10-15 minutes daily listening to your child read. Parents should use this opportunity to talk to your child about the content of the story. This will enhance your child’s reading skills and also provide your child with greater depth of understanding of the book. 

3. Homework and Book Bags:

Homework is allocated on a weekly basis for the taught subjects. Parents should monitor the completion of homework. This is also an opportunity for parents to develop an insight into the weekly learning in class and support your child consolidate classroom learning at home. 

Book bags should only contain the school homework books, reading books and the reading record. Stationary is provided by the school, therefore children are not required to bring in any stationary. 

4. Healthy Routines 

Food not allowed in school: Crisps, cakes, fizzy drinks, fried food, chips, etc. 

In addition, it is important that your child experiences story-telling from parents. As this will increase their exposure to new vocabulary, new plot lines and adventure. This will spur them on to write with interest as well. If possible, take your child to the local library regularly to develop their love for reading.