Qur'anic Arabic

Our Qur’anic Arabic programme has been developed over a period of twenty years. Shakhsiyah Schools aim to teach Qur’anic Arabic to all our children through infusing it into our holistic curriculum, and are committed to enable access to the Qur’an through an understanding of the language itself. Foremost in our approach is developing a love of Qur’an and the language of the Qur’an in the hearts of our children.

Qur’anic Arabic as a Language

We have devised our own unique curriculum of speaking, reading and writing Arabic language. Even the youngest children are encouraged to use Arabic phrases and terminology wherever possible. Arabic texts are selected in an age appropriate manner to enable children to develop fluency in reading. To enhance children’s Islamic vocabulary allowing them access to Islamic sources, Arabic texts about Islam are selected wherever possible. Children begin to compose Arabic sentences in Early Years and are able to compose extended texts by Year 6. To establish a strong bilingual basis to the children’s experience children in Early Years classes have a full-time Arabic and English teacher.


Shakhsiyah Schools’ focus is not on being able to ‘read/recite’ Qur’an as the primary task but rather to learn and Qur’anic Arabic as a language, children may not have proficiency in recitation at an early age. Nevertheless through our approach to teaching Tajweed children are proficient in recitation and the rules of Tajweed when they leave the school. Parents do not need to send children to additional classes after school, they do however need to ensure children are revising Hifdh and practicing recitation at home daily.

Watch our Early Years reciting Qur'an with Tajweed!

Hifdh (Memorisation)

Hifdh is an essential part of our curriculum. Children memorise Juz Amma and other Surat. This is supplemented with learnin the meaning and message of these Surat. Through Hifz children’s love of the Qur’an deepens and their capacity to appreciate its beauty increases. Our aim is that our children become living embodiments of the Qur’an.