Using our thematic curriculum, students in our secondary school explore a range of written genres and other media. They are encouraged to deconstruct a range of literary styles, and adapt their own writing to a range of purposes.

Reading and Comprehension

Our aim is to develop the following skills through reading and engaging with literary texts:

  1. Reading to understand viewpoint and meaning

  2. Nuanced analysis of author’s crafts

  3. Consideration of complex themes within novels and other texts

  4. An understanding of narrative perspective

  5. Analysis of poetic craft, themes and ideas in poetry

  6. The construction of characters and worlds in books and film

  7. An understanding and appreciation of non-fiction texts

Writing and Composition

Some of our writing objectives at the secondary level include:

  1. A focus on grammar, punctuation and spelling.

  2. Developing purpose in writing, through clarity and accuracy

  3. Writing creatively in response to a literary genre, poetry or play

  4. Making balanced judgements in use of vocabulary, sentence structure and composition structure

  5. Developing a nuanced argument through writing


Students work with understanding a range of media including, podcasts, websites, documentary and filmmaking to further enhance their learning of how language and literature operate. In this way they are able to employ effective communication strategies and explore our curriculum themes in further detail.