In Shakhsiyah Schools, we believe that language is essential to thinking and the quality of language directly impacts the quality of thought. We recognize the importance of the richness of English language to the culture of Muslims in Britain. Children are immersed in language experiences and activities, as the use of written and spoken English forms the foundation of all learning in our holistic curriculum.

Speaking and Listening

The Halaqah as an oral session is the foundation of speaking and listening in our schools. This dialogic approach is extended through to other lessons especially English and Arabic.


Children in Year 1 are equipped with the skills needed to read sentences. They then move onto the Oxford Reading Tree and most children will move beyond the highest levels of the Oxford Reading Tree by the end of year 2. By Year 3 children choose their own books for reading and are still encouraged to read these at home. Children develop a love of books and enjoy reading as an enjoyable form of learning. Children’s love of reading, comprehension skills, and ability to analyse a range of texts is developed further through theme based class readers and the Big Read lessons.


Writing skills are developed in Primary through the Big Write Sessions. Big Write consists of children thinking and talking about a topic usually connected to the Big Read, the genre (type) of text they will write and the audience they are writing for. Having engaged in this kind of preparation through ‘Talk Homework’ children then plan their writing before actually writing the text. Children are encouraged to understand how writing enables them to express their thoughts and communicate with others.