Mission Statement

Aims & Objectives

The Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation is an educational establishment aimed at providing high quality academic education in combination with classical Islamic culturing as:

  1. Shakhsiyah Schools endeavour to nurture the natural disposition (fitrah) of each individual child in order to develop his/her personal character (shakhsiyah) into a well rounded, confident Muslim who has sincerity in intention and steadfastness in action.

  1. We work in partnership with parents to develop each child’s personal character enabling them to achieve their full potential in all aspects of life including academic success.

  1. Shakhsiyah Schools aim to develop leaders who play an active part in their diverse local and global communities, serving both the Muslim community and humanity.

  1. Thus, we prepare children for their future life in modern Britain and our global village by developing confidence in their Islamic culture and respect for other cultures, fostering harmony in our diverse communities.